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School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE) FAQs NTU’s foremost colleges, College of Engineering (CoE) and Nanyang Business School (NBS), jointly offer a unique degree programme that will equip you with both engineering and business knowledge, as well as competencies relevant for the global marketplace. Since all these modules are available next semester, I can help provide additional information. Biography: Dr Sujata Kathpalia is a Senior Lecturer at the Language and Communication Centre (LCC), Nanyang Technological University and she is a member of the LCC Management Committee. ntu student link website is not friendly. NUS Educational Philosophy. I was even alerted to companies who are hiring. We will be posting information regarding the modules we have taken every semester. A very impt note to take back is to not take an elective that you have no interest in even if you intend to SU it. g. Nov 13, 2018 · Meet Jun Wei. Simply, drop us an e-mail at medlib@ntu. Hope that it'll be useful Jun 09, 2017 · ntu electives review. Read more at straitstimes. I am studying Mathematical Science (Business Analytics). In this blog, I will be sharing some of the mindmaps/summaries that I have done throughout my undergraduate studies. Allen Jr. With 11 colleges, 54 departments, 107 graduate institutes, and eight master's and PhD programs, NTU offers more than 7,800 courses each semester, placing it at the top in the nation in terms of both breadth of academic fields and volume of programs. edu. Please select the Academic Year to view the curriculum: For Students Admitted in AY2011 to AY2016 For the new BFA in Design Art and Media Art AY2019/2020 SEMSTER 2 COURSE REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR YEAR 1 TO YEAR 4. Start Now Aug 26, 2014 · 9 Things No One Tells You About Choosing College Electives. it is no different from other electives you take during your studies. Those in NTU can also consider the CM8002: Forensic Science module offered by their Chemistry division, which provides a comprehensive study of how forensic science can be applied to solve crimes. CZ3005: Intro to Artificial Intelligence. Friday, 3 April 2020. For example, it asked for the 2’s complement representation of +40, I was probably too noob, but I thought they wanted 2’s complement of +40 which is the -40 one. Course requests will be considered based on prerequisites, availability, vacancies and clashes in timetable. On successful completion of this module, you will be able to: • Use simple Singapore Sign Language to initiate conversations (expressive). Loyd V. THE NANYANG. Whenever I tell a non-NTU student about this module, I’d always get a positive response because the name already looks cool on its own. A current student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), who is in her 4th year of Bachelor's studies in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies. Dec 11, 2018 · Reading NTU module reviews really helped me in choosing my modules and setting my expectations. Navajo Tech is committed to offering quality technical, vocational, and academic degrees, and community education in student oriented, hands-on learning environment based on the Diné Philosophy of Education. What school do you study in? Nanyang Technological It offers a wide range of electives, seminars, internships, leadership programmes, and learning through the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) website Mechanical Engineering Curricula . Note: - Food Science and Technology courses will begin in Year 2 Semester 1. MAE Handbook 2019 e-version 1. e. Music Libraries - it's more interesting than it sounds; Interactive Digital Media (IDM) marketplace. This course is free for matriculated NTU students, but has a small course fee for non-NTU students. sg or contact us at 6592 1990. Easy NTU electives. You can get more information and advice about applying to NTU in our . And he is a local student from Singapore. Sungeibuloh ecosystem, or Forensic techniques, or Why people get diabetes, or heat stroke. But wait a minute, I am already a student of NTU, what am I doing there? I was one of the ambassadors along with my fellow coursemates. Comment: 100% MCQ module. Nov 30, 2016 · This blog is dedicated to those who wish to find out about NTU modules. Students who would like to read BS3018 / BS3012 as Major PE, i. Each course broken up into the following parts. This Handbook is based on information available at the time of publication. ) For NTU, there are a few main things you have to take note of. NTU School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (SCBE) - GRADUATED LAB REPORTS, ASSIGNMENTS & NOTES A/A+ lab reports for the course of NTU Chemical Engineer Chat to Buy Gardenia64 Your child will still need to accept one of the offered places via the acceptance portal before the 24 May due date as no assurance that the NTU LKC waitlist will eventually convert to an offer. Background: The other serious option I was considering was IIT Kharagpur's Biotech and Biochemical Engineering Programme - which I had spent a good 1 year of my life studying day and night for getti SINGAPORE — An original poster (OP) claiming to be a National University of Singapore (NUS) student with clinical depression posts on a Facebook page about how she feels inadequate as a girlfriend. Website Banner transformmeded 2020 - last call over cybersecurity banner Dec 28, 2016 · Finals was MCQ so I didn't really study much and rely primarily on my A level bio knowledge. gif 。。 All the best to you !! :thumbs: Nanyang Technological University (NTU) was ranked 13th internationally (2015/16) by QS. The reason why I took the 3 prescribed modules are because they are all offered in Sem 2. Your classes should amount to a total of 60 Strathclyde/30 ECTS credits per semester. - BS3018 and BS3012 will be registered as UE. They may make use of unrestricted electives to fulfill the requirements for a second Major, one or two Minor(s), or to read more courses in Chinese. The iNTU portal provides a smooth one-stop access experience for NTU students, faculty and staff. For my sem, we were only tested on Webster's part (which may sound good because half the content, right? NBS is a School of Nanyang Technological University, NTU Singapore. With effect from 1 April 2017, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has been re-organised into the School of Humanities and School of Social Sciences. (Of course, free electives can help defray the time it takes to earn a minor). Wishing all of you freshies & potential freshies good luck and a This is to ensure that you have adequate number of approved courses prior your arrival at NTU. Jul 19, 2012 · Starting school in NTU soon? Here are a few things you should take note of! 1. Check out Funkygrad's review of Thinkpad T43. individuals with questioning minds, willing and able to examine what is taken for granted, and who engage in rigorous inquiry within and beyond assumed disciplinary borders; The Remaking NTU Project is a proposal by the graduating students of Nanyang Technological University (1999-2003) to NTU President Su Guaning on the occasion of their convocation. Sep 20, 2019 · At Nottingham Law School (NLS) we are confident that our Legal Practice Course (LPC) will provide you with the best training currently available. RECOMMENDED TEXTBOOKS AND REFERENCES FOR CBE ELECTIVES, SEMESTER 1, ACADEMIC YEAR 2011-2012 CH4106 FORMULATION OF ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICAL INGREDIENTS DOSAGE FORMS (Zaher Judeh) TEXT 1. Every time I begin planning for what electives to take for my next semester, I’d google for ‘interesting/ easy to score NTU electives’ cause I’m the type of student that likes to take modules that are ”easy” and ”fun”… Continue reading NTU Electives Review (GER-PEs + UE) Course Coordinator: Wang Xiaolan (email: wangxl@ntu. This will be our first general review and are requesting that this review be retroactive by two years as allowed under ABET rules. Feb 22, 2018 · Can you elaborate more on the prescribed electives you cleared? Personally, I didn’t thoroughly enjoy my prescribed electives. Detailed information on the College and its department are Jun 13, 2016 · Prospective students thronged Let’s Talk NTU 2015 on Saturday to hear about NTU’s holistic programmes and diverse curriculum from professors and students. Accreditation; Vision and Mission; Organisation; Intranet; MSE Staff SSM Major Prescribed Electives (Sport Courses) / Unrestricted Electives: SS9001 Conditioning for Physical Fitness [course outline] This 36-hour course is designed to help students understand the theoretical and practical considerations regarding the planning and development of health and physical fitness, so that students are able to plan and Jun 28, 2014 · After one whole year studying computer science in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), I’d try to summarize my impression on each module. Aug 20, 2016 · I came to final year of my study in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). ntukid. format of exams, etc). There will also be some brief review for the modules I've taken. And she is a local student from Singapore. Prior to entering NTU, she graduated from Anglo-Chinese Junior College. sg) Academic Unit: 6 AU Availability: Semester 2 Pre-requisite: None Group A Electives. But students now have greater flexibility to choose up to two electives from other disciplines from the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, such as in Communication, Economics and Philosophy, to meet the requirement of their Major. It's a relatively new track/specialization for my course and since I had some business background, so I figured why not choose this track. Students with outstanding fees will be denied access to STARS and barred from course registration. Welcome to our new one-stop forum for everything and anything related to the local tech shows! From the big mega fairs like IT Show, CEE, PC Show, COMEX, CEF and SITEX, all the way to the various weekly IT fairs around Singapore that are brought to you by Audio House, Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Gain City, Harvey Norman and much much more! Ranked among the top 1% of universities worldwide, NTU places you in an academically stimulating environment that is both culturally enriching and socially fulfilling. More information on taking up NTU GE(s) can be found on the NIE Portal: NIE portal Academics Initial Teacher Preparation programmes Registration of Courses Registration of NTU courses for BA/BSc (Ed) student teachers 39 Guide to choosing classes How many classes can I take? It depends on the amount of credits that each class is worth. It considers the ways in which Chinese intellectuals have reflected on the sustainability of their cultural traditions and the appropriation of western ideas. The Reconcile Grades page is accessible from the Needs Grading page and a cell's menu in the Grade Center. Undergraduate Programmes; Computer Engineering (CE) Programme; Computer Science (CS) Programme; Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (New programme from AY18/19 onward) Check out NTUmodules. Ntu studentlink `yingying] /盈瑩. Electives: HP8006 Psychology of crisis stress management: Satisfactory The first ever S/U that I used. NTU Science & Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship. The course is Dec 09, 2017 · NTU Courses Review – Y3S1. NTU’s Office of International Affairs held the 1st NTU Family Meeting during Nov 6-11, inviting 27 representatives from 20 partner institutions in 10 countries to exchange views on higher education internationalization and discuss further collaboration NTU electives. Date 2014 Nanyang Business School The challenge: producing graduates who are street-smart, computer savvy and methodical. We'll get to that in a bit, but before we do that, let's take a short trip back in time. Using Revision Paper or Peer Review Assignment, students will learn and improve their academic writing through constant revision of their submissions based on the feedback from the Turnitin system, their instructors and peers. Xuan Yun’s education is listed on their profile. Each NTU partner institutions should not submit more than two (2) nominations, unless otherwise indicated, for NTU’s review. May 29, 2017 It's interesting for a computer beginner, and I think it's a better course compared to a lot of electives/math modules I took. The programme consists a total of 33 Academic Units (AUs), with 21 AUs of compulsory modules, 6 AUs from the chosen track's electives, and 6 AUs from other electives: Courses Where to find Courses taught in English NTU Course Information System. During your course of study, you will be posted for overseas electives and clinical attachments. (Hons) in Sociology is designed as a four-year course. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Xuan Yun’s connections and jobs at similar companies. VPA, NIE offers a diverse range of Unrestricted Electives for all students in NTU. For those who don't know me personally but chance upon my blog, thanks for viewing as well. , Nicholas G. Feb 26, 2014 · 04 NEWS. CHRONICLE 09. 5. Dec 06, 2018 · Without further ado, what's the difference between NUS CNM and NTU WKWSCI? There isn't a straightforward answer to this, obviously. Jul 29, 2019 · Nanyang Technological University Students' Union is an organization that is committed to represent and safeguard NTU students’ interests through representations at established platforms such as the university administration, government and industry leaders. NTU’s friendly career consultants helped me to review my resume and I learnt how to use key words to catch the attention of companies, as well as picked up useful interview pointers. What would you all recommend? Languages seem popular, but   A blog for NTU student! Course Code:ES8005. Jun 09, 2016 · NTU Business Year 1 Review I haven't taken any electives yet but I'll be doing so in Y2. . A blog for NTU student! Elective Guide nuffnang. - Specifics – 1. check out : NTU electives review roundup from the net Find out the 3 ways to choose an elective. com. Omg I totally can’t believe it, it feels like yesterday when I took my entrance test to NTU and there May 29, 2017 · The jellyfish is back! These are my own views about the courses which I took in NTU, serving as a memory for the future =D *The MAS cores and major electives are in this post. Taking the lead is the Nanyang Business School which is overhauling its curriculum in stages Course content changes ntu electives review. Hip, hip, hooray! 2) Eye-opening electives . LOL, lazy + no time to write. Studentlink - Nanyang Technological University. sg While some suspect that this is yet another attempt at pushing for a change in the S/U policy, the NTUSU, as of 07 February 2019, have not yet made clear any specific indication of how the survey results are going to be used. NTU Minor in Entrepreneurshipor is it business as usual Low Jun Jie. From AY2018 onwards, to graduate, students must complete two (2) categories of requirement, totalling at least 139 Academic Units (AUs): During this four-year degree programme, undergraduates will read both their majors in both Economics and Media Analytics, benefiting from the expertise and resources of both the School of Social Sciences (SSS) and the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI). ES8001 Natural Hazards, Climate Changes and Society (GER-PE, STS) – S/U. Mr Suppiah Ravi [Mr Ravi Suppiah graduated with a BEng (ECE) from the National University of Singapore and obtained his MSc in Embedded Systems from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Degree Audit NTU Massive Open Online Courses ( NTU MOOC) - Application for Transfer of Credits (Freshmen) The B. The NTU Education (BRC Curriculum) provides depth (Core & major Prescribe Electives) and breadth (GER-Core, GER-Prescribe Electives and GER-Unrestricted Electives) to cater to the educational needs of all students. In addition, there will be a field exercise / writing exercise in the fortnight interval too. This semester, I took Spanish class as an elective subject prior to my interest in This document is downloaded from DR-NTU, Nanyang Technological University Library, Singapore. International Trading is offered as a minor programme by the Centre of Excellence International Trading (CEIT) to NTU students of all disciplines, but it is most popular among Accountancy and Business students. Certain Major-PEs may be offered as GER-PE / GER-UE. Prior to entering NTU, he graduated from Tampines Junior College. Opportunities are available for overseas students attending medical schools outside Singapore to do clinical electives at Sengkang General Hospital. - Specifics - 1. A student's catalog year is determined by the semester that the student started at Georgia Tech. Internal and external knowledge sources important for organisational effectiveness. All courses are conducted at NTU (main campus) in the evenings of weekdays or Saturdays. Verdict: This is a must take course. What school do you study in? Nanyang Technological So, I'm currently a student in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in my Year 2. sg) Assistant Course Coordinator: Ng Ying Shi (email: ngys@ntu. VOL. Do not assume that your registration schedule is the same as your peers admitted in the same year because students who have passed more courses could be promoted earlier while those who lag behind could be in a lower registration study year. , Zhongzheng Dist. 1 . Fourth-year bioengineering student Andy Lau (who shares the same name as that Hong Kong celebrity) describes the “LL9001: Singapore Sign Language” experience as “mind-blowing”. 17. 15 Local Uni Seniors Recommend The Most Interesting Scoring Modules In NTU, NUS & SMU electives registration season. All classes are taught mainly in Chinese, with the occassional English. Sep 29, 2014 · The Ministry of Education has recently released the results of 2013 Graduate Employment Survey. History of Communications in Singapore Robust review of LKCMedicine strategy at 3rd management retreat At the 3rd LKCMedicine management retreat held in Malacca over three days from September 19 to 21, some 60 faculty members and senior corporate staff reviewed the School’s achievements and looked into areas for improvement. Students who complete this specialisation may choose careers in NGOs that work in Singapore and the region, government agencies, biotechnology firms, and research. Well Bs0001 is sciencey - but not the kind that requires a lot of prior Biology knowledge, and should be fine for you. K6303 Information and Knowledge Assets . If you can't achieve Nov 16, 2015 · Spanish Class LS9001 Last week my semester just ended, it just happened so quickly. Review of Exam Results. This mod is quite straightforward. But because of the exam date, this mod became the sacrificial lamb. I did a lot of research before I came to NTU. Academic Profile; Dr Sujata Surinder Kathpalia Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities Email: msskath@ntu. This course offers a critical review of modern Chinese intellectual life, particularly as it has developed in response to the western impact and the demands for modernization. This site was designed with the . Oct 15, 2012 · Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) history dates well back to 1955 and is well-known for its strengths in science and engineering courses and currently runs courses via its 4 colleges with 12 schools. Dec 04, 2018 · Top NTU Electives Recommended by Seniors Updated AY 18/19 Semester 2 Seniorsays. I took this to clear my AHSS PE. Hence, I strongly encourage attending the lectures if you lack self-discipline like me, so that you can clear your doubts immediately after each lecture with the professor. Knowledge assets in organisations. website builder. O. Print/Check Courses Registered: Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading Option: Schools' Registration Instructions Examination Timetable. A bit of info for people considering taking introductory modules in translation: NTU offers English to Chinese translation and vice versa only. NTU has a strong reputation for engineering and accounting, and also has an outstanding reputation in China. • Use fingerspelling to supplement visual-manual communication (expressive). Will update after I find out what is the UE overloading limit. The BRC curriculum is designed to achieve the following student learning outcomes: " Teaching the young adults here at NIE/NTU has been a great journey of nurturing, loving, caring, and infusing a passion of learning. Review your academic evaluation to find out how many more free curriculum restructure proposal was developed in 2014. You can attend the first lesson to get a better feel of classes if you cannot make up your mind. Unrestricted Electives/Minor Courses. Summer Intern. gif But do take notes that the deadline of application is on 1st April 2015 for both STPM and A-level ya happy. Starting from Academic Year 2014, freshmen can automatically exclude up to six courses for Grade Nov 13, 2018 · Meet Jo. Tuition Grant. And oh no May 29, 2017 · This is a pure online course with no compulsory face-to-face meetings. Hello guys, I hope this post helps those who are thinking of what electives to take in the next semester and for those SBS (School of Biological Sciences) freshies a rough idea of the modules that you guys will be taking. practical ethics: thinking about right & wrong Course Description and Scope “Practical Ethics” is a course for students who want to make sense of the idea of right and wrong in a Not sure which programme to go for? Use our programme finder Loading header/footer Jan 05, 2017 · Hi there. GER-Unrestricted Electives (30 AUs) Students may fulfill the remaining 30 AUs from any school. The science electives might also be useful for this purpose. Home About Us. Watch Queue Queue National Taiwan University Hospital Tel: 886-2-2312-3456 No. You’ll be learning about things like fingerprinting, time of death and DNA identification methods — yep, for once real life is just like the movies. A. To graduate, students are required to complete 125 academic units (AUs) from the Sociology Major Requirements and General Education Requirements (GER). Nov 07, 2017 · NTU's Centre for Modern Languages, which introduces new languages based on student demand and potential usage, has also brought in Swedish. Hi all, I've decided to consolidate all the electives that I've taken into a post. *Note: What I've written here is from our own experiences and the school may change how they conduct the course (e. She obtains a perfect semestral GPA of 5. To get acquainted with the upgraded Turnitin Feedback Studio, watch the following video on: So, I'm currently a student in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in my Year 2. There is no room for failure. FIND YOUR CREATIVE SOUL! A rich Arts experience awaits all students at NTU regardless of your major. NTU has taken it upon itself to ensure that its graduates will enter the workforce with these qualities and more. Singapore Custom - Blank Page. C. Temple GPAs will not be affected by grades earned on an exchange. Biological Sciences Year 1, Semester 1. Our careers Dec 16, 2016 · Please check your personalized date and time for registration in Studentlink. Internship description: Being part of the Christie’s team is an enriching experience. December 9, 2017 August 10, 2019. A blog about Nanyang Technological University overseas exchange GEM Explorer, and download of resources for modules and electives Update #09 - NTU Elective Reviews Needed New site @ www. GER-Prescribed Electives (15 AUs) 3. Here at Vulcan Post, we have uncovered some of coolest modules from NUS Welcome to Navajo Technical University. not as UE under 2nd major in FST, are to write to the School to request for change in course type after registration. ” – Bryan Ong, final-year aerospace engineering and business student Jun 13, 2012 · Review on NTU Business (NBS) Year 1 This entry was posted on June 13, 2012, in Reviews on NTU Modules and tagged aa101 , ab102 , ab103 , AB105 , AB106 , AB107 , AB112 , accounting 1 , Business , BUSINESS LAW , financial management , Marketing , nanyang business school , NTU , ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR & DESIGN , PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS Oct 26, 2015 · A couple of postgrad courses from the WKWSCI that run irregularly but are both gems. And with Pumera having left NTU, I'm not sure what will happen to his part in the next year. SINGAPORE — Nanyang Technological University (NTU) kicks off the new academic year with the opening of two new residential halls and introduces changes to its grading system for students today (Aug 6). Five courses from a list of GER – Prescribed Electives (PEs) (15 AUs) in the following categories with at least one course from each category: Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AHSS) Business and Management (BM) Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Liberal Studies (LS) 5. Find out more about submitting a review to Digital Senior. Dec 28, 2005 · The A-Zs of NTU for Freshmen Electives - Prescribed and General. 2. The NTU Board of Trustees and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) approved the change in name and curriculum to Electrical Engineering in May 2015. Please reload. Aug 27, 2013 · Three of the five finalist teams at the CP Marketing Challenge 2012 came from NTU. The NUS community of students, teachers, and administrators, seeks to help students become. I can’t believe I lost so many marks for the quizzes. More electives, exchanges for undergrads Siau Ming En FUTURE NTU students can now look forward to fewer classes, greater choices for electives Buy NTU Chemical Engineering (CBE) LAB REPORTS & MODULE FOLDERS in Singapore,Singapore. Think of electives as the boat keeping you Dec 06, 2017 · NTU NBS: NTU ELECTIVES (GERPE/UE) NTU ELECTIVES GUIDE . Before this sem started I was still intending to use this mod to pull up my GPA one sia. The number of credits received for each course will be evaluated at this time. com, your one-stop course review portal during this NTU's Add-Drop modules/elective window. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Ansel, Ansel's Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems, 9th Edition, Jan 26, 2016 · Well, I am back from exchange in Taiwan! Received a few Facebook chats asking me about NCTU, hence I am updating my blog with a temporary post using my exchange report to EEE NTU regarding my exchange experiences. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or use the Contact tab above! :) If you're from CBC, the NTU Chemistry and Biological Chemistry curriculum can be found here. NEW_AY2019_20 Semester 2 Course Registration Instructions_Year 2. The lists below are ranked by their gross monthly salaries and employ-ability and can be extremely useful for fresh graduates looking for their first full-time job as well as prospective undergraduates who are deciding on a course or specialization. Advances in social sciences research journal, 1(8), 24-33. GERPE system STAR wars Add drop period Course outline Course types Accelerated Bachelor Programme (ABP) GERPE system For every course, you will have to take electives of a total of at least 24 academic units. Practicum Placement for all student teachers of PGDE(Pri/Sec/JC) prog for Teaching Practice (TP) from 06 Jan - 10 Mar 2020 and PGDE(PE) prog for Teaching Practice 2 (TP2) from 24 Feb - 08 May 2020. General Education Prescribed Electives Close ---Select an Option--- General Education in Business & Management General Education in Liberal Arts General Education in Science, Technology & Society Jan 12, 2019 · I hope and I'm glad that fellow NTU friends and exchange students from overseas have benefited from my opinions and reviews on the electives I've taken to make their STAR wars fight and school life less painful (haha). I'm considering overloading on UEs to continue pulling up my GPA. This brings the total number of language electives at Apr 24, 2017 · Nanyang Technological University (NTU) will launch two new Bachelor of Fine Arts programmes this August for the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM). In case I cannot make it my 2nd choice was Statistics. NTU will only review student applications that are nominated and formally submitted to NTU Office of Global Education & Mobility Education (OGEM) by the exchange coordinators of partner universities. Marks and grade of course Course Review NTU SPMS Life as an Electrical and Electronic Engineering student in NTU This post is supposed to be written in May when I have just finished everything related to EEE course. It’s known for Stage 3: Electives and Two Consultancy Projects You will choose three electives from: - Strategic Marketing - Customer Engagement (Retail and Services) - Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation - Corporate Finance - Strategic Management Accounting - Financial Enterprise Risk Management - Corporate Governance - International Human Resource 5. Buy NTU Chemical Engineering (LAB REPORTS, NOTES) in Singapore,Singapore. Nanyang Technological University 2015. Pre-requisite: B8024 Economics and Markets This course looks at the identification, assessment and management of global risk from the viewpoint of potential investors and MNCs. I would like to use the results of your analysis in projects 1–3 to help further in research on meaning. K. Streaming. Lectures attended: 90% (A/P Anwitaman Datta, Asst/P Seow Kiam Tian) made with ♥ at 50 nanyang avenue NTU Liberal Arts (LA) Electives Module: HP8002 Working in the 21st Century Description: Work in the 21st Century, is characterised by competition on a global scale, where jobs are becoming increasingly knowledge-intensive and technology-driven, and where constant change is the rule rather than the exception. Bachelor of Accountancy The most established and well-regarded accountancy programme in Singapore and the region. Our LPC is approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and allows you to progress to qualifying work experience to become a solicitor. NTU NBS Specialisation Review – Business No. It has a very diverse and varied content, but a lot of things are "new" info that's not focused on in normal science mods. Anyway, I am going to summarize on all the modules that I've took, before the registration of the modules start, hopefully will give you guys some insights so that you all can make a better choice (as to what modules to take to clear your electives). Basic University Mambo Jumbo Academic Units (AUs): Academic Units (or Modular Credits in NUS/credits in SMU) is the measurement of the amount of workload required for that module. pdf. CM8002 Forensic Science CM8002 Forensic Science Taken in AY16/17 Sem 1 (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore). Every 2 weeks, there is a graded MCQ set to be done. Electives Review Ive decided to share with my peers here some of the modules that I have taken throughout my stint in NTU. Check out our Instagram Page @friendsofvpa for photos/videos of our Art electives Jan 01, 2019 · NTU Unrestricted Electives (UE) Review Posted on December 8, 2018 June 30, 2019 by TheBeautifulSotong My review on electives I have taken in NTU – a good read for those deciding what electives to take for the upcoming semester. 0 for the third consecutive time. , Taipei City 10048, Taiwan (R. com This course explores Asian perspectives on the relationship between human and nature as well as related topics in environmental ethics. Create your website today. Read International student reviews for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as well as it’s rankings. But looks are definitely deceiving because I hated this course from the very first lesson. During his time as a Research & Development Engineer in the Business Printing Division of HP (Singapore), he gained extensive hands-on experience in Embedded The current environmental engineering curriculum is best visualized by referring to the relevant flowsheet showing courses by semester and pre or co-requisites. Feb 24, 2016 · My freshman experience as a NTU Aerospace Engineering Student (I) catchingplaneschasingdreams in Academic Review , Uncategorized February 24, 2016 February 24, 2016 935 Words Ask and you shall be given Check eligibility criteria, deadline, tuition and application fees, documents required to apply to BBA Business with a Minor in Strategic Communication in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) Jan 01, 2017 · Mistake made: Skipping lectures, lazy to consult professors, ended up with a pile of doubts and misconceptions. Feb 21, 2018 · NTU NBS Business Analytics Specialisation Review & FAQs What is the streaming criteria to get into Business Analytics (BA)? Based on NBS website, the only criteria is to obtain a minimum B+ for AB1202 Statistical & Quantitative Methods. Otherwise, the variety of Computer Science modules seems to be a lot lesser, probably because you only have more freedom in the Year 4 Technical electives. I'll write a review for them soon. NTU uses a comprehensive and innovative approach towards education and research, helping students realize their full potentials as entrepreneurial and technology-savvy leaders. Thus, despite my ailing memory I will attempt to post some sort of review to help other lost lambs like me. Keith graduated with First Class Honours from the Bachelor of Law programme at the National University of Singapore in 2019. They must be bona-fide students of a reputable medical school that is recognised by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), and already in their clinical years. 1, Changde St. The curriculum is subjected to review and change. Whether you work within one of our Specialist Departments, or in our more operational focused roles, we are all working together with one common goal in mind; to continue the success of this 250 year old company, steeped in history, bringing constant innovation whilst not forgetting our age NTU will only review student applications that are nominated and formally submitted to NTU Office of Global Education & Mobility Education (OGEM) by the exchange coordinators of partner universities. Chair's Message; Chair's Office; Mission and Vision; Faculty Course Type AU Information Semester Offered ; CM4078 - Honours Project 1 (for students admitted in 2016 to 2018) 11 AU: One semester of research activity in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, culminating in a presentation and a comprehensive written report. program will apply as free electives. You only have to sign on once to access: NTU email; NTU courses schedules and registration; NTU online library with eJournals, databases and exam papers A rich Arts experience awaits all students at NTU regardless of your major. For my final year, I still had six Academic Units (AUs) of Unrestricted Electives (UEs) (together with S/U options!) left, so I was really happy. School of Art, Design and Media. Since it became part of MOOC, i believer it should be pass fail. Using the I-Space model to map organisational knowledge assets. Haha. will use 1 hour to conduct lecture, 1 hour to play game and express reviews,  NTU Modules Review. B6084 Global Risk Analysis. 3 NTU credits equals 3 Temple credits). ntu. More electives, exchanges for undergrads Siau Ming En FUTURE NTU students can now look forward to fewer classes, greater choices for electives The NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme offers a unique opportunity for both your personal development and international exposure in interdisciplinary training Are you ready to fulfil your aspirations in education and make your contribution in shaping the future of the nation? NIE students registering for NTU electives need to use the NTU STARS platform. In other words, each trimester is split into two halves. Nanyang Business School Course Catalogue (Semester Course Offering) NOTE: Courses with * are not opened to exchange students - please click here for course selection guide. There will be 3 main… Continue reading NTU nitty gritty → An Internet Review on the Electives of NTU to help you choose your suited electives for a more stress free and happy university days. There is a lot of memory work for 50% of the final are essay type. Dec 08, 2018 · NTU Unrestricted Electives (UE) Review Posted on December 8, 2018 June 30, 2019 by TheBeautifulSotong I know that this is a beauty blog, so a post like this would seem kinda out of place…but since I am in my final year, I figured it’s a good time to share my reviews on the electives I’ve taken in NTU. It will introduce basic ethical concerns about nature and natural beings among Asian intellectual tradition such as Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism and also investigate various inter-related topics, such as Animal Right, Biodiversity, Sustainability and etc Aug 04, 2014 · The NTU CSC curriculum forces students to be basic all-rounders which is not at all a bad thing actually. wo bu hui yong! and i am still confused to exactly how many electives to take was looking through all the various electives, cause i am still thinking whether to add a module StudentLink - SSO Login Practicum Placement for all student teachers of PGDE(Pri/Sec/JC) prog for Teaching Practice (TP) from 06 Jan - 10 Mar 2020 and PGDE(PE) prog for Teaching Practice 2 (TP2) from 24 Feb - 08 May 2020. Sep 16, 2019 · We are confident that our LLM Legal Practice Course (LLM LPC) will provide you with the best training currently available - we have an excellent reputation within the legal profession. Sign in. Check out: 10 easy to score NTU electives Find out the 3 ways to choose an elective. NTU School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (SCBE) - GRADUATED LAB REPORTS, ASSIGNMENTS & NOTES A/A+ lab reports for the course of NTU Chemical Engineer Chat to Buy Nov 01, 2019 · About. I find myself taking modules that I do not see doing as my future career. *The electives which I have taken are in the post below. NTU constantly offers new electives that pique our interest, such as BU8543 Tourism & Society: Journeys of Discovery, taught by Assoc Prof Joan Henderson. Content of Courses. The BSME curriculum for the last few catalog years is below. View the full list of Legal practice Course (LPC) part-time elective modules . sg. 04 NEWS. If you would like me not to use your input, you may email me at any time up to one week after you get your results for this semester. Dec 05, 2016 · Hi guys, Year 2 Sem 1 seems to pass faster as compared to the past two semesters (maybe because I only had 3 core modules?). The NTU Education (Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC)) on Undergraduate Education was convened by the University in August 2007 to review all aspects of undergraduate education in NTU. Other grader roles who have graded attempts see the Needs Reconciliation icon in the Grade Center, but do not have access to the Reconcile Grades page. Undergraduate Student Handbook 1 . A Revolutionary Learning Experience. Probably the best elective in NTU. ~~~~~ Below are comments on the modules, written by Lim Min, for the benefit of her juniors. Who needs to sit for a placement test Students who are interested in taking a higher level CML course and are required to sit for a placement test to determine their level of language proficiency. NTU is well known for MBA in Strategy, Finance and Operations Management. Students can then choose from a range of prescribed electives in their interests. What school do you study in? Nanyang Technological University. NEW_AY2019_20 Semester 2 Course Registration Instructions_Year 1. The top 10 most easy to score electives to help you make good judgments before taking or picking your check out : NTU electives review roundup from the net. Art Humanities and Social Sciences · Business & Management · Science, Technology & Society · Liberal  Aug 20, 2019 GER Prescribed Electives courses. Title Art and design pedagogy for tomorrow’s lifelong learners Author(s) Pun, Siu Kay Citation Pun, S. The School reserves the rights to make changes Dec 28, 2015 · All labs are compulsory, with a 8-mark graded quiz at the end. NTU_PageContent. 1. Jan 05, 2015 · As we prepare to usher in the New Year, some university students in Singapore may already be sitting behind their computers frantically deciding and choosing what electives to take or other modules to spice up their semester. sg is community initiative to help NTU students Make Better University Decisions with Senior Reviews, Study Notes, Latest Happenings and Everything on Campus. It is very fun and easy. Taken during AY2013/14 Sem 1 Computer Science Core CZ1001 Discrete Mathematics. Review your course Have something to say about your course? Help other people with your review and get rewarded at the same time. Please note that some NTU courses (eg. These young people are hungry for knowledge, engaging in their approach, and a go-for-it attitutde in their quest to acquire and master physical skills, knowledge and "know-how's" of the thinking sport of Rugby. School of Materials Science and Engineering. A current student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), who is in his 3rd year of Bachelor's studies in Sport Science and Management. Browse modules: GERPE. NO. For questions regarding the curriculum, contact the undergraduate studies coordinator. HE9091 Principles of Economics (and having no other electives to take :X). Email to students on Course Registration S2 AY2019-20 Class Schedule. College of Public Health, National Taiwan University In 1993, the College of Public Health was born from the College of Medicine as the eighth college of National Taiwan University (NTU) to upgrade the standards and quality of public health education in Taiwan. Feel free to ask us questions if you have any. NTU ELECTIVES GUIDE Hi all, I've decided to consolidate all the electives that I've taken into a post. pdf It’s a sign of the times that students are queuing for the new “hands-on” NTU elective to learn sign language. BTW, for those who are still considering whether to apply to NTU or not, you still have time smile. The reason I took this was because I read the review somewhere else saying this was an easy elective to score. Judiciously selected courses, carefully justified, may allow progress toward the minor while, at the same time, satisfying the secondary area requirement. Q: Why am I classified as a Year 2 student even though I am a Year 3 student for the upcoming Academic Year which leads to different course registration date and time? A: Learning Outcome : After successful completion of the course, the student should understand the various environmental issues that the shipping industry is faced with, and the measures that have been adopted to tackle the issues; also the impact of these measures on shipping management and ship operations. This NTU site allows you to browse NTU classes, fast search for a course of your preference, find classes taught in English, and easily sort through electives and required classes by department, institute, or program. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) rankings and reviews. Moulding the new NTU graduate A new set of broad-based prescribed electives called Liberal Studies will be introduced to enrich students in a wide range of disciplines while complementing the Feb 11, 2019 · The survey may have ended, but you can still send your feedback directly to su-feedback @e. So what are you waiting for? The MBA program irrespective of the tracks comprises 9 core courses, 4 electives, Business Study Mission, Strategy Projects at Nanyang and a comprehensive Leading People Globally module. So now that Year 1 is officially over, with me completely my finals, I'm gonna do an update on NBS Year 1 Sem 2. Comments: Feels like I've only learnt half the content due to Pumera's part being mostly a rehash of CM2011 knowledge. May 18, 2016 · This blog is dedicated to those who wish to find out about NTU modules. I think it might be slightly incoherent. The curricular plan be viewed in the UB undergraduate catalog. Popovich and Howard C. Assessment: CA (40%) and Exam (60%). Students are eligible to move to a later catalog year that is in effect while they are an enrolled student by filling out a change of major form. My first non- 100% final mcq elective. (2014). Please note that this specialisation requires chemistry courses at NTU that have a prerequisite of H2 Chemistry in A-levels. Which is easy to score? Now, just what electives to take? Below are courses that I've taken in NTU and are solely based on my opinions. The T43 laptops are currently offered at lower Check eligibility criteria, deadline, tuition and application fees, documents required to apply to BA(Hons) Economics in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) First NTU Family Meeting Strengthens Collaboration with Partner Institutions. Time flies very quickly, in a blink of an eye. Year 2 Semester 1 I took 20 Jun 12, 2018 · Every time I begin planning for what electives to take for my next semester, I’d google for ‘interesting/ easy to score NTU electives’ cause I’m the type of student that likes to take modules that are ”easy” and ”fun”… Continue reading NTU Electives Review (GER-PEs + UE) Through the minor, courses will focus on a number of topics related to environmental sustainability, including the relationship between humans and the natural world, the availability and management of natural resources, the basics of how the main parts of the earth system interact, the elements that influence earth’s climate system, and how individuals, communities, and The core courses equip students with a firm foundation in their two Majors. Singapore Management University (SMU) is a business and management focused university modeled after Wharton that opened in 2000. Presently, students must complete all prescribed electives in their chosen Major. ​P​lease note that not all courses are offered in every semester or academic year,  We constantly review our courses to ensure that they provide our students with the . I even left the exam venue early 😆 So I guess as long as one diligently look through all the modules uploaded it should be fine Well done, Lim Min. Dec 18, 2014 Modules Taken During NTU Year 1 Computer Science | Yuan3y's Lab · Lucky Me Summer Leong: NTU Electives review · Elective Bible May 8, 2016 I know majority of the NTU undergraduates here are facing a . Friday, 9 June 2017. I hope the mindmaps/summaries that I have shared are useful to you. E. Our LPC is approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and allows you to progress to qualifying work RECOMMENDED TEXTBOOKS AND REFERENCES FOR CBE ELECTIVES, SEMESTER 1, ACADEMIC YEAR 2011-2012 CH4106 FORMULATION OF ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICAL INGREDIENTS DOSAGE FORMS (Zaher Judeh) TEXT 1. GER Prescribed Electives courses NTU_PageContent P lease note that not all courses are offered in every semester or academic year , please check the Course Offer Table. Jun 01, 2016 · People who take up electives if and only if they are confident of scoring an A for it. NTU NBS: Year 2 Semester 2. Students are encouraged to reach out to our medical librarians if they require further assistance on publication matters. My NBS Y1S2 is under Group B, which comprises of Statistics and Analysis, Business Operations and Processes, Organisational Behaviour and Design, Marketing, Principles of Economics - A Singapore Perspective, Ethics and Moral Reasoning ,and Career Foundations. Both programmes have their own merits. What Electives to Take & Score in NTU? Skip to main content Oh yeah, I know my review was like half a year late, but yes, I am a super procrastinator. NUSMods is a timetable builder and knowledge platform, providing students with a better way to plan their school timetable and useful module-related information that are community-driven. See also: Modules Taken During NTU Year 2 Computer Science. Re-classification of course type from GER-UE / GER-PE to Major-PE (and vice versa) after course registration are not allowed. Well, this is not my type. Elective Type: Ger Pe - STS or UE. Social learning cycle. Oh, this course has no  I'll need to clear my UEs next semester and I'm stumped with the wide variety of choices offered. wo bu hui yong! and i am still confused to exactly how many electives to take was looking through all the various electives, cause i am still thinking whether to add a module StudentLink - SSO Login Jul 01, 2016 · University Transcript (graduate lo) 3 3 0 0 0 Unrestricted Electives 9 9 0 0 0 Total 112 112 0 0 0 Graded AU 69 96 0 0 0 Graded Core and Major PE AU 52 83 0 0 0 View Xuan Yun Phua’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Art and design pedagogy for tomorrow’s lifelong learners. It is a proposal on how NTU can improve itself in order to become a world-class university. 2019,2 Close Note: Core, GER Core and major Prescribed Elective (PE) courses are listed together under the respective programme in the class Till date, I had taken a total of 21 AUs of electives in total (3 Gerpe & 3 UE) and got A and A+ for all of them. NTU classes typically transfer on a 1:1 ratio with Temple (e. NTU was established in 1928, making it the oldest and largest university in Taiwan. The instructor role selects Reconcile Grades from the grade column's menu. Students must pay their outstanding fees before registering courses. Keith Jieren Thirumaran is currently a candidate for the SILE Singapore Bar Examinations - Part B. ntu electives review